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Need some Springboard modules to fill your SpringWallet? Check out these recommended sites!

Space VisorCentral is the site for Visor-related news and reviews (other than Handspring's own site, of course). The site's forums are an excellent resource for both real-world evaluations of hardware and software, as well as for solutions to problems you might encounter. Don't forget to check out the comprehensive listing of Springboard modules as well!

MatchBook Products
Space The MatchBookDrive offers Visor owners the ability to add as much as 256MB of storage to their PDA. The MatchBookDrive, with the software developed by Kopsis Engineering and standard CompactFlash memory cards, allows for virtually unlimited memory expansion at a low cost. MatchBook Products was the first FlashAdapter manufacturer and is still the industry leader.

Kopsis Engineering
Space Kopsis Engineering developed the libraries and software that makes the use of CompactFlash cards in the Handspring Visor possible. The software is excellent, as is the customer support.

Note: SpringWallet.Com and TechSynthesis are in no way affiliated with these companies or their products, except as extremely satisfied customers.

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