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The SpringWallet
Order your SpringWallet now at the introductory price of $19.99!

Perhaps you have the Handspring Backup Module, the InnoPack 2/V, and a MatchBookDrive. Or you might have the Physician's Desk Reference, the Handbook of Adverse Drug Interactions, and an 8MB Flash module. Whatever your particular combination, if you own more than one of the nearly 50 Springboard modules, you've probably been looking for a way to take them with you, other than simply tossing them in the bottom of your briefcase, or shoving them in your pocket.

And so the SpringWallet was born!

Developed with just these situations in mind, by a multi-module-carrying Visor fanatic, the SpringWallet conveniently stores four Springboard modules, as well as two spare batteries. It will also hold two extra stylii.

Features include:
  • Four individual pockets for:
    • Springboard modules
    • CompactFlash cards
    • SmartMedia cards
  • Two Battery pockets hold a full set of spare batteries
  • Dual Stylus/pdaLight loops
  • Secure closure with Velcro
  • Solid, hand-crafted construction
Space Benefits include:
  • Protects modules from scuffs and scratches
  • Prevents loss of smaller modules and memory cards
  • Conveniently and safely stores modules and accessories
  • Keeps you ready to go with all the accessories you'll need in one convenient place

Take a look at these features in action, and browse the SpringWallet Image Gallery!


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